Read about lawn insects and also the tips for identification of lawn insects in order to control harmful ones.

Lawn Insects

To design a garden as per the heart desire it demands a lot of pains, in terms of time, energy and money. Nobody will like to see their hard labored surrounding to be turned into a disaster, which can be easily caused by the harmful lawn insects. Here you will get information on lawn insects as they demands equal attention as that of the garden designing. These insects are not inherently related from the beginning but they appears form time to time due to variations in climate, surrounding etc. In order to save your lawn from such destruction the identification of lawn insects is very important. So we have not only provided some tips for identification of lawn insects but also the information of beneficial lawn insect.

White Grubs
White grubs are specially found in Connecticut lawns. They are the immature stages of scarab beetles. The species often found are the Japanese beetle, the Asiatic garden beetle, the Oriental beetle and the European chafer. They are white in color with brown-head. They are always seen curled in the soil. They make the grass turn into large brown patches. When the brown patch of grass is pulled up and the layer of soil is comes out with it then you can see the grubs.

Chinch Bugs
They are the important harmful lawn insects generally seen in warm states. Their average size is 1/6 of an inch. They are either of pink, red or brown in color with white band when they are immature. The big ones are black with pearly-white wings. The grown-up insects go for winter-sleep in lawns under fallen leaves and other quiet places. They prefer hot dry areas for their breeding. The major damage to grass is caused by the young ones who suck the sap of the plant from stems. You can see it appear as small patches of yellow and then brown. As the damage increases the area of damage becomes larger.

To test the presence of chinch bugs in the lawn
If these insects are present in the lawn then it will appear in the top surface of the soapy water within five minutes.

Sod Webworms
They are the caterpillar of larvae of white color and when grown appears in brown color. They stay in tube during the day and come out during the night for food. They live below the surface of the soil and eat the grass of soil level. You can see the grass appear as small brown patches and as it affected area increases the grass is of irregular height. Active caterpillars can be found in such spots. The webworm moths can be seen in the evening and they fly low in a zigzag manner. The birds that come in large number to peck the lawn indicate the serious infection caused through sod webworm.

Lawn Insects are not only harmful but there are some beneficial lawn insects too. To name them is the earthworm. Though they may leave some unwanted soil on the top surface, which may give an indecent look to your garden but they make the soil fertile too and that's how they are beneficial to the lawn.