Read about home garden lighting. Here are also some tips on outdoor garden lighting, solar garden lighting and low-voltage garden lighting.

Home Garden Lighting

Garden is a good place to feel the nature even in metros. It's quite obvious that people enjoy the scenic beauty on fresh sunny morning but what about when it is dark. By installing right lights, garden can be changed into a romantic haven at night. Outdoor garden lighting will not only beautify your garden, but also prevent accidents in the dark. Basically, there are two types of garden lighting: low voltage garden lighting and solar garden lighting.

Low Voltage and Solar Garden Lighting
As the term suggests, Low voltage garden lighting is very economical. Moreover it is shock-free, so it's great for people having children and pets. The electricity, required for running these lights, is supplied by the power pack and is controlled by an automatic timer. Another cost-efficient and commonly used lighting is Solar Garden lighting. It is easy and doesn't need to be turned on or off. Solar garden lighting doesn't require any type of wiring, and saves electricity bill as it converts solar energy to electric power. However, solar garden lighting is not meant for large area or for parties.

Outdoor Garden Lighting Ideas
It's entirely up to you as how you want to illuminate your garden. However, here are given some garden lighting tips and ideas to facilitate your task of illuminating home garden.

Path Lighting:
It looks just fabulous and also makes an important part of any garden lighting project, for safety and aesthetic purposes. The best part about path lighting is that you see the effect, but not the source. Besides, it helps to safely lead from one location to another in the garden.

Step Lighting:
This type of lighting entails discrete small fixtures, which reliably light up the area - just exactly where required - in your garden. It makes steps and stairs safe and easy to use, in low light conditions.

This lighting imparts a dramatic effect in the garden. It is usually used for highlighting focal points.

Down Lighting:
It is the technique of lighting plants and objects from above. It creates the most natural garden & landscape effect.

Specialty Lighting:
It usually calls for either in-wall, or surface mounted outdoor lighting installations. It helps to provide interesting highlight areas in the garden and define vertical surface areas.

Pool & Pond Lighting:
Such type of lighting has been specially designed to withstand the harsh conditions found in and around garden pools & ponds.

Lighting Accessories:
Check out the range of transformers and luminaries that match and enhance your garden lighting set up. There are accessories available in markets, to mount and enhance your garden lighting effects.