Read about some common lawn grasses. Here are some tips on the best time of growing lawn grass and planting it.

Lawn Grass

Lawn is one of the most important features of a garden. A well kept lawn makes a garden look extremely beautiful. It looks like a beautiful green carpet amidst colorful flowers in a garden. Lawn can be called as turf, pitch, field or green depending upon its plantation and usage. Selection of lawn grass also depends upon it usage and its season of plantation. Though a well maintained lawn garden requires a little of patience and care, the final results are always very beautiful and soothing. Scientific reports even say that lawns reduce energy consumption through it soothing effects and the green grass prevents soil erosion as well as cut down noise pollution in the urban areas.

Types Of Lawn Grass
Though the lawn glasses can be categorized in several categories, the most prominent categorization of lawn grasses is done according to their season of foliage. There are certain lawn grasses that prefer a warm and humid temperature however there are some which require cool and dry weather. Given here is a list of both kinds of grasses.

Warm Season Lawn Grass

Bahia grass
Bahia grasses are warm season lawn grasses. They are basically pasture grasses that can survive hot weather and even a draught. They require very little maintenance in terms of mowing and irrigation and are very is less prone to insects and diseases. So if you are looking for a rough and tough kind of grasses for your lawn, Bahia would be the right choice for you.

Bermuda grass
Bermuda grasses are another kind of warm season lawn grasses. They basically thrive on sunlight and require as little maintenance as Bahia grass. These grasses can easily be grown from their seeds. However as compared to Bahia grasses, these lawn grasses are more prone to insects' infections.

Carpet grass
If you think, you can not grow anything on the wet poor soil around you, you are very wrong. These warm season lawn grasses known as Carpet grasses are a perfect option for your poor wet grasses where other lawn grasses cannot survive. These grasses are cold tolerant and best suited to a for shady, damp and moist atmosphere.

Centipede grass
Centipede lawn grasses are also very low maintenance grasses suited to sandy and acidic soils that have very low fertility. They are medium green to light green in color and have a uniform growth.

Cool Season Lawn Grass

Bent grass
Bent grasses are considered to be one of the most beautiful grasses. They are preferred in the gardens because of their deep green color and low growing habit. They thrive in cool weather and require high maintenance. They are also called as velvet grasses.

Bluegrasses are another kind of lawn grasses that thrive well in cool weather. They require less maintenance and are best for you if you are planning a lawn for sports activities. They are dense and require comparatively less maintenance. They are deep bluish or bright blue green in appearance.