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Read about tropical gardening and plant care in tropical weather. Gardening in hot and humid weather is a tough job but is challenging too.

Tropical Gardening

Although gardening in a hot and humid climate is a tough task, people addicted to it take it sportingly, as an adventure. They like to experiment by growing different kinds of tropical plants in their garden. Outdoor plants such as Hibiscus, Miscanthus cabaret, New Zealand flax, Cardinal lobelia, Canary reed-grass (ground-cover), Kalanchoe (annual plant), Agave (for sandy well-drained soil) can be grown in tropical weather, because these plants are capable enough to bear the hot and humid tropical climate. However, many tropical plants require some extra care, because they perish quite easily, in case they do not find the favorable conditions in your garden. If you are looking for some tips for tropical gardening, this article will be handy.

Tips For Plant Care In Tropical Weather
  • The first and foremost thing to consider is the quality and fertility of the soil. Tropical plants require well-drained soil. Therefore, make sure that the soil in your garden is able to retain moisture for a long time after watering.
  • You should pay special attention to the choice of fertilizers as well. For instance, tropical flower plants should not be supplied too much of nitrogen fertilizers, because it hampers their normal growth. Although nitrogen fertilizer increases the growth of the leaves, it would decrease the blooming of the flower.
  • Tropical plants require manure, but in small quantity and less frequency. This is because the organic manure decomposes easily, when the temperature is high. As a result, the plants would not get the required nutrients from the manure, which are already decomposed.
  • Manure tea, made by mixing fresh organic minerals with water, is also beneficial for the growth of tropical plants, because the tea is nutritious.
  • You would be surprised to know that human urine is beneficial for growing certain tropical plants. The urine of human being, if stored for sometime, can be used as a manure for the plants because of its high mineral content (typically nitrogen). You may make a solution by mixing urine with water. Pouring the solution directly to the soil can be beneficial.
  • Apart from nitrogen, fertilizers containing phosphorus and potash are also recommended for tropical plants. You may use these fertilizers in minimal quantity, so that they do not hamper the growth of the plants.
  • The best way to increase the life of the tropical plants is to keep them outdoor, during warmer months of the year and grow them indoors during winter.
  • While moving the tropical plants from outdoors to indoors and vice versa, it is better to keep them in containers.
  • When you are growing the tropical plants in winter, make sure that you provide some form of heating, because the plants cannot withstand frost.
  • If the plants cannot grow well in open outdoor area, consider erecting some form of shading for your garden, during peak summer.

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