Here is some information on garden lawns. Read about the general tips on lawn maintenance or lawn care.

Garden Lawn

Lawns are integral part of one's garden. They are basically an area of land planted between gardens covered with grass, and other low lying plants like clover plants, which generally do not require very special care. A lawn is named as turf, pitch, field or green depending upon its plantation and usage. Each kind of grass requires specific kind of maintenance. In this article you will get to know about different kinds of lawn grasses and tips for the maintenance of your lawn. A properly maintained lawn adorns your garden and also provides it with flawless beauty.

Understanding Your Lawn Usage
Before doing anything, you must understand the usage of your lawns. If you are going to use your lawn for your kids and pets amusement, you need to select tough kind of grasses but if you are going to use it simply for decoration purposes you can for tender kind of grasses. As if you can go for Rye grass if you need a tender kind of grass which is delicate and requires constant care but if you need rough and tough grasses go for Zoysia grass which can survive the tough climate. Given here are some other kinds of grasses that can be used in your lawn for specific purposes as mentioned…

Types of Grass Covers Used in Lawn
There are basically four types of Grasses used in the lawns. Given here is the few varieties of each type.

Ornamental Grass Groundcovers
Ornamental Grasses for Screening
Shady Garden Lawns Grasses
Ornamental Garden Lawns Grasses for Shade
Maintenance of Your Lawn
Lawn Care
It's amazing to experience walking barefoot across a healthy lawn. But the point is how to maintain a healthy lawn

Lawn Insects
To design a garden as per the heart desire it demands a lot of pains, in terms of time, energy and money.

Home Garden Lighting
Garden is a good place to feel the nature even in metros. It's quite obvious that people enjoy the scenic beauty on fresh sunny morning

Shady Lawn Trees
If gardening is a hobby for you then you can dare to take up the challenge. Yes though growing shady lawn trees seems to be a tedious task

Lawn Care & Mowing
The picture of the lawn is very much dependent on its frequent mowing and edging. Though lawn care and mowing is a common term for home gardeners

Seasonal Lawn Care
Needless to say, after being laid down, a lawn needs to be looked after properly, if its beauty is to be retained. If you fail to take proper care and concern

Lawn Grass
Lawn is one of the most important features of a garden. A well kept lawn makes a garden look extremely beautiful.

Lawn Weeds
While a lawn adds to the beauty of your house, weeds can be a big nuisance. Apart from interfering with the growth of garden plants