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Gardening Tips

For some people, gardening is a hobby, while for others it is simply an addiction. The nature lovers are simply fanatic about gardening. Gardens can be created in a number of ways. Either you may create a fragrant flower garden, a garden for fruits, vegetables or a landscape full of non-flowering plants. A beautiful garden can be created both indoors and outdoors. Whatever the location is, some things should be considered, when you decide to create a garden. Here in this section, we have given some tips for gardening outdoors as well as indoors.

Outdoor Gardening Tips
If you want to make your outdoor gardening experience a pleasant one, then you should follow the important aspects of gardening, which includes the right choice of tools, choice of location, irrigation, soil, use of fertilizers, manure etc. The basic tools required for outdoor gardening include hoe, rake, shovel, water hose or sprinkler and garden stakes. It is easier to work with them only if you keep them in good working condition. Wash them properly after finishing the work. Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly on the sharp edges of the tools, so that they are protected from rust. Choose a moisture free place for storing the tools.

Gardening starts with proper planning. Therefore, always start the project with a rough sketch of the plan. Next, the choose the location. The best location for creating a landscape is the place that gets at least six hours of direct sunlight a day. In addition, the place should have plenty of drainage. To begin the project of outdoor gardening, you may start with the plants that are easy to grow, such as tomato, lettuce or carrots. You may grow the plants either from seedlings or from the seeds. Next, get a soil test for your garden. This will let you know the fertility, nature of the soil (whether it is acidic, basic or neutral) and the type of fertilizers needed. The soil should be perfectly suitable for the growth of the plants you choose. If you keep in mind the above mentioned things, you will ensure a good harvest for the season.

Indoor Gardening Tips
If you live in a part of the world, where you get only three good warm months for a year, then you will probably have to switch to indoor gardening. You may make use of your basement for creating a wonderful garden indoors. For the purpose, you need to decide the scale at which you are going to do this - whether you are going to plant a handful of plans, or do it a bit bigger. You may go for raised bed gardens or grow the plants without using soil. This will help you decide the budget for your indoor gardening project. Although indoor gardening is usually done on a small scale, the plants grown this way require more care than an outdoor garden.

All the basic factors, including lighting, pollination, soil, temperature, fertilization and watering have to be monitored closely for the project. Out of all the things, lighting plays a pivotal role, because unlike outdoor garden, the plants grown indoors would not receive much sunlight. Since lighting is an important factor, you should pick the plants that can be grown in medium to low light conditions. Consider supplying artificial lighting for the plants. Apart from lighting, you should pay special attention to the drainage system as well. By following the tips given below, you will ensure that you will be able to create a wonderful garden indoors.

Cactus Plant Care
Another perennial plant type that is quite famous all over the world is cactus. Cacti are also known as low maintenance plants.

Chrysanthemum Flowers
Chrysanthemums means 'golden flowers' , 'Chrys', which means golden and 'anthemon', which means flower combine together to give this name

Dwarf Plants
If maintaining a garden has become quite hectic for you then we have a tip for you. Small outdoor plants will not only design your garden

Fragrant Flowers
Gardening can be a lot of fun, especially for the nature lovers. It will be delightful to spend time in a heavily scented garden, after a day's hectic schedule.

Interplanting Vegetables
Interplanting is a way by which you can grow two or more types of vegetables, in the same place, at the same time.

Plant for Screening
No matter whether you are in the living room, bedroom or loitering in the garden, you will surely want to avoid unwanted attention and disturbances.

Alpine Plants In Container
If there is a scarcity of space then you can simply bring your garden to your room. It will of course fancy your pastime.

Shrub In Container
Growing shrubs in container gives both variety and unique design to your garden. One of the major advantages of growing shrubs in container

Trellis structure
Growing shrubs in container gives both variety and unique design to your garden. One of the major advantages of growing shrubs in container is that these can be used for accentuating