Read about building wooden planter box with doors for your garden.

Building Wooden Planter Box

It is not only important to sow decorative plants. But embellishment of your indoor garden is also important to enhance its beauty. In our section of garden crafts we have given a wooden box craft idea to keep the plants, which will give a simple and sophisticated look to the room. If you want to avoid the wooden furniture it is better to build a wooden planter box with doors to place your plants, which will undoubtedly be a display of your creativity.

Wooden garden planter

  1. Take two-cupboard door and cut the door to your desired box length.
  2. Tighten the edges of one side of the two doors with screws.
  3. Now position the third door at one of the empty side of the would-be box and attach it with screws.
  4. Again attach the other door in the same way to form a box.
  5. Cut more scrape - wood to the size of the top of the box. If the wood required for the cover of the box is not a whole piece you can join the parts of the wood with glue and screws.
  6. Position the cover on the top. Again cut two small pieces of wood.
  7. Screw one piece of wood to the body from inside and the other piece to the top of the cover. So that the top cover is permanently attached with the body.
  8. For making the base of the box cut a piece of wood and nail it with the body.
  9. For decoration you can cut a long wood into half and stick in the middle of the door i.e. the edge of the box.
  10. You can then paint according to the color of your choice.