Garden Fencing is not only required for decoration but also for safety. Here are some decorative garden fence designs, which will enhance its beauty.

Garden Fencing

Garden fences are not only used to provide a boundary between two houses, but also to provide a safe haven for the budding flowers and plants in the garden, from 'invaders' (typically, animals and birds). You may also make use of a fence in order to hide something unwanted in your garden, from outsiders' view. Garden fence designs are available on a wide range, from the costly to the economical ones. Make sure that the chosen type of the fence complements your home and the garden, perfectly. Here in this article, we have given information on some of the most common garden fence designs and some useful tips for fencing.

Garden Fence Designs

Wooden fence is known for its aesthetic value. Best suitable for colonial homes, wooden fences provide a simple, but elegant look to your home and garden. You may purchase wooden fence in small parts from lumberyards. The best bet is split rail fence, which is available readymade, and can be easily installed in a single day. Split rail fences would give a country look to your garden.

If you want to make your garden look stylish, then go for vinyl garden fences. Vinyl fences resemble their traditional counterparts - wood. Vinyl fences are easily available in the readymade form, in lumberyards. One of the main advantages of using vinyl fencing for garden is their low maintenance. Moreover, they are capable enough to withstand damages caused by climate and domestic animals.

Dry Stone Walls
If you want to provide an authentic look to your garden then this is the best option. Make sure that your garden is spacious enough to accommodate the large sized rocks of the fence. If you are looking for a fence that can provide high security to your garden, at the same time, is frugal, then dry stone walls will be the best bet.

Bamboo Fence
Bamboo fence is one of the most common types of garden fences. Bamboo looks great, when used to provide a boundary to your garden. Another advantage of bamboo fence is its low cost. It is easy to maintain and is dependable for providing securing to your home's premises.

White Picket Fence
White picket fence is quite popular amongst the cottage gardeners. Apart from providing a simple, yet elegant look to your garden, it provides you a clear boundary from your neighborhood. White picket fence is recommended for those, who are looking for frugal ways to fence their garden.