Read about hosta plants. They are perennial plant that is grown on shade.

Hosta Plants

Now here we are giving you the details of particular plant variety, which will surely help to design your garden.

Hosta plants are the perennial plant type. There is a large variety in this hosta plant category. You can divide hosta plants by their leaf-color and shapes. The color can be blue, gold (yellow), or green or sometime a blend of all the color. The shapes can again vary either being heart-shape, concave or long ones. The leaf-surface of this perennial plant type is not always smooth. These plants are grown in shade should be kept in shade itself or the color will fade in strong sunlight. But the gold-leaf hosta plants have to be kept in sunlight other wise they will not get the golden color.

Hosta Plants With Green Leaves have more leaves than flowers. But the flowers contain a high degree of fragrance. It blooms in late summer. It can't tolerate sunlight so it is either grown in full shade. If not possible partial shade is a must for this type of plants.

Hosta Plants With Gold (Yellow) Leaves flowers in early summer. It needs adequate sunlight.

Hosta Plants With Blue Leaves is grown in full shade.
Hosta Plants With Variegated Leaves grown in partial to full shade.

Maintaining hosta plants

This perennial plant type is not very sensitive and so it needs less care. But little caring is must. It only differs in degree.
Process of pest control for hosta plants