Roses are considered low-maintenance flower. Read about general rose care also about rose care in winter.

Rose Care

Rose is undoubtedly the most well known and the most grown flower the world over. The flower is found in every part of the world and considered to be an indispensable part of any bouquet or garden. So much so that a garden can't be considered to be complete if it doesn't have a rose plant. Usually people are found cribbing about how difficult it is to grow roses, but if a few tips are followed, growing roses can be an easy task apart from being a fragrant one.

Types of Roses
The world over, the rose is available in 150 varieties, which are found in different regions and conditions. Still, there are some kinds of roses which can be found in most parts the world. These types are Hybrid tea roses, Floribundas, Shrub roses, Ground cover roses and Climbers.

Tips on Rose Care
Rose care during winters
There are a few things that you must remember about taking proper care of your rose plants during the winter season. First of all, pruning the plants is not considered to be a good idea during winters. In order to save the plants from severe cold, you might attach a lump of mulch to the cane. Also, sheltering the plant with a thick cloth also might be useful in saving it from severe winter. The best idea to go about is to grow the rose plants in a container, so that they can be easily sheltered from the cold during winters.