Read about the types of flowering shrub plants and also some tips about growing flower shrub bed.

Flowering Shrubs

Again we have come with another tip to make your garden a distinct one in the community. Imagine small shapely vibrantly colored plants blooming in your garden with the fresh sunny morning at its backdrop. If the view inspires your mind then here is an interesting section for you.

There has been a fashion nowadays to plant a mixed border of flowers instead of making a flowerbed with the same type of flowers. The reason behind this trend is because nowadays there is an scarcity of space. So people are now more inclined to home shrub gardening. While thinking of the shrub garden the picture that come to mind is a heap of green leaves. But here we want to tell about flowering shrubs. The well-known flowering shrubs that bloom with vibrant colored flowers are crabapples, lilacs and hydrangeas. You can also make a flower shrub bed if there is enough space in your garden.

Crabapple - are blooming at its height either in spring or in fall. In spring the deep rosy flowers attracts the bees and in fall it is so fruitful that the beautiful birds like robins and mockingbirds make these trees their favorite hangout. During the other season it is a cool shade and also gives a pictorial view to the garden with its shapely structure.

There is a wide variety in this crabapples species. Some are abundant with beautiful flowers some with fresh leaves while others with luscious fruits. `Narragansett,' is a type of shrub plant in crabapple species, which is not easily infected by disease. The crab flowers later mature into fuits, which peep out bright, gold and orange leaves. Another type of flower among crabapple shrub plant is `Brandywine' which blooms with rose like flowers have a gentle essence and leaves have a burgundy shade in it, which changes to russet-orange during the fall.

Oakleaf hydrangeas (Hydrangea quercifolia)
It blooms in clusters that are shaped long grape like with serene white flowers, in the middle of summer. It also has rich green leaves of four to eight inches with a silver border on it slowly changing to some mild color of wine gives a heavenly picture to your garden.
This flower shrub plant need plenty of space as it grows about six feet tall and spreads before flowering into beautiful clusters. It also needs thoroughly drained soil fertile enough with the nutritious fertilizers.

Before growing shrubs at home make a thorough study of the flowering shrub plants and its requirements and plant them according to the suitable atmosphere.