Read about pruning flowering shrubs, trimming outdoor flowering shrubs. Here you will get information about the tools for pruning flowering shrubs.

Pruning Flowering Shrubs

Pruning give a shape to the shrubs and trees and it is a common term for every gardener. Though it is a familiar term but it is practiced in a most improper way, which prevents the healthy growth of plant.

Plants should be pruned before it grows to its full size. Sometimes you need to replace the plant when it grows larger than the normal pruning period. Planting dwarf plants is also a better idea because avoid the hassles of pruning at regular intervals. You can get plenty of information about dwarf plants in our other section.

Types of tools required for pruning plants
The adequate tool for trimming your outdoor plant
Pruning saws are suitable to cut the branches that are larger than 1 and ½ inches in diameter.

Hedge shears are used for trimming already shaped plants. They cannot be used for any other pruning purpose.

Caring of your pruning tools
Adequate time of pruning