Read about soil aeration of preparing the soil for the garden. Watering your garden is an important function to keep it healthy.

Preparing Soil For The Garden

The right preparation of soil for your garden will make it blooming with flowers. Also you can soothe your eyes with lashing greenery overthrown everywhere. But a healthy garden is only possible when the soil aeration is perfect. The perfect soil aeration means getting enough air and water. Only the preparation of soil is not important but also enough watering of your garden is a must to keep the garden healthy. So here are some tested steps of renowned experts, which will help you to construct a beautiful garden.

Preparing the soil
  1. At the beginning you need to examine the nature of your soil. You need to know if the water is able to enter the soil. These types of problems are quite common in clay soil.
  2. Apply fertilizer to the soil as recommended after testing its requirement.
  3. Lift up your mowing height to one level.
  4. Raise your mowing height to one level up.
  5. After a month examine the results. If better then aerate either manually or using equipments.
Aerating the soil
  1. Use manual aerator, which is having T-bar with four hollow pipes. Insert it into the ground and pull out some soil. You can also use mechanical aerator if you are running short of time.
  2. Be careful if you are renting equipment. Examine all its functions and clear all your doubts before hiring it.
  3. Soak the soil on the previous day before using the aerator.
  4. Move across the soil with the aerator only once on a particular place and the leave the layer of soil wherever it falls.
  5. Blend the garden soil with 1/3 of compost or peat moss to fill the holes and make the surface even. You can do it by putting gloves on your hand.
  6. Use the turf-grass fertilizer and keep on watering regularly. Don't mow for three weeks or later on if the growth rate is slow.
Watering the soil
Heavy watering once is much preferred to often scanty watering. 4-6 inches deep watering helps the roots to grow quickly. The lawns need 1-inch water in a week during normal days and during summer it needs 1 inch of water after every 3 days. The best time to water is early in the morning or during the night, as it doesn't get evaporated. Once the water starts to flow off the lawn that means it had enough.

Water in accordance to your soil
Dig the soil around plant roots so that it becomes loose and the water and other nutrients could be sucked easily. Layer the soil 1- to 2-inch with mulch in top of the roots. It prevents soil erosion and evaporation.