Here is some information on how to make ivy plant climb. Read about climbing ivy or a type of wall climbing plant.

Climbing Ivy

Are you bored of the dull look of your garden wall or fence? Do you want to revamp it? If yes, then climbing ivy can be the best way to do it. Ivy is the wall climbing plants that can decorate your garden or your house, wherever you make them to climb. It gives a stylish outlook to your garden and also enhances the green revolution of your landscape. One of the major advantages of the plant is that it can even grow in areas that are dark and receive little or no sunlight. Climbing ivy is available in various species - right from the forest green variety to the dazzling gold or cream. To know more about how to grow the ivy plant and how to make it climb, browse through the following lines.

Growing Climbing Ivy

The best soil for growing ivy plants would be the one that is well drained. Though the creeper can be grown in places that receive umpteen heat and sunlight, it is also vulnerable to damage due to excessive exposure. Sites with full or partial shade give a boost to the growth of the creeper. Once the soil has been prepared and the site chosen, it is time to consider planting climbing ivy. Make sure you plant it after the last frost in spring.

Prior to planting ivy, the first step would be to prepare the ground by working on the soil and fertilize it with a 10-10 fertilizer. The next step would be to water the ground and the ivy plant thoroughly, before placing it in the soil. The best bet would be to place it as near to the structure on which it would climb as possible. After a few months, fertilize the plant base again with 10-10 fertilizer mixture. Thereafter, continue fertilizing the plant for two times in a month.

Creepers usually easily scale up any vertical surface and in some time provides a complete coverage to the building or fence. Since ivy plants also don the same nature, make sure that the walls they climb are in proper shape. The mortar should be intact, as walls with crumbling mortar are very susceptible to damage from ivy's roots. Ivy plant should not be planted to trees, as it would completely cover the tree depriving it of the necessary sunlight and air. Also, on occasions of excessive winds flow, the tree might just topple, due to the excess weight of the creeper.

How To Make Ivy Plant Climb