Here are some names of garden fertilizer and the details of chemical fertilizers that can be applied for your garden.

Chemical Fertilizers For Garden

So you have given the desired form to your garden and now relishing its beauty. It is quite logical that your hard-labored dream-paradise is quite dear to you not to speak about those who are devoted to it. But it can be a disaster if not looked after effectively. One of the precautionary measures to save your landscape is by application of chemical fertilizers. So here there is some information on chemical fertilizers for garden, also known as inorganic garden fertilizers, which can be helpful for your garden care.

Some names of garden fertilizers
The essential garden fertilizers useful for the healthy growth of plants are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.
Testing soil for fertilizers
You need to test your garden soil to find out the adequate nutrients. Test your soil with the help of local fertilizer dealer, Natural Resources Conservation Service or Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extention Service. Select a fertilizer that has one-fourth of the nitrogen in a slow-release form, such as sulpher-coated urea.

Application of chemical fertilizers
Though not advisable but still here are some tips for the application of chemical fertilizers