Read about lawns in shade. You can also read about shady lawn trees or growing shady trees in lawn.

Shady Lawn Trees

If gardening is a hobby for you then you can dare to take up the challenge. Yes though growing shady lawn trees seems to be a tedious task but it is not the same in reality. Generally lawn requires quite sensitive treatment but it is quite an adventurous experience to grow shady lawns and it will also be a test of your planting skills.

Before talking about growing shady trees in lawn you need to first evaluate the location and soil. Shady lawns also require at least 4 hours of sunlight. If possible you can consult with an arborist and you might need to remove the selected branches so that there is enough light. For soil you need to find out the nature of the soil. You can improve its condition by aeration or blending it with compost. But the blending should be only with one inch of soil. If you are applying lime do it only after testing it minutely.

Shady lawn Seeding
Lawns flourish specially from mid August to mid September. Quite obviously you need to choose shade-friendly grasses like Red fescue or other fine fescues. It is most preferred to sow seed rather than sod. Sod can be planted for shade.

Preparation of soil
While seeding see to it that the soil is of good quality. You should water them frequently until the seedling comes out of it. Once it comes out water it thoroughly but not often.

Lawns in shade should be mowed deeply nearly about 3 inches deep.

General tips for lawns in shade