Here are tips on lawn mowing. Read about lawn care and mowing and lawn mowing equipments.

Lawn Care And Mowing

The picture of the lawn is very much dependent on its frequent mowing and edging. Though lawn care and mowing is a common term for home gardeners it has some techniques and if followed rightly it can give can give out surprising results. Here we have given some tips on lawn mowing and also the name of lawn mowing equipments.

  1. First you need to select the appropriate mower in accordance to your lawn. You need a rotary mower for taller, soft grasses such as bluegrass, fescue or ryegrass and a reel mower on low-cut grasses such as Bermudagrass, bentgrass or St. Augustinegrass.
  2. You need to set the mower blades height to the height of your grass. Set mower blades to the proper height according to grass type. You can set the blade height by keeping the mower on a flat surface.
  3. You can raise the height of the mower one third upwards than the recommended height.
  4. After completing the mowing leave the chopped off grass on the lawn so that it can be a useful nutrient when it gets decomposed.
Lawn mowing equipments
  1. For the grasses in the side of the pavement you need to use a handheld edger. You need to keep the wheel on the path and the blade should be at the edge so that it gets pushed and pull up the grasses. You need a power-driven one for large lawns.
  2. Around the trees, and also around the bed edges you can use grass shears. This equipment is used in places that are not quite easy enough to reach.
  3. You can use a string trimmer to shape and edge long lawns. If the grasses have grown too tall you can cut it down to a mowing level and them mow.