Before creating a butterfly garden you need the flower details required for butterfly garden. Butterfly garden plants can make the garden multicolored.

Flowers For Butterfly Garden

Butterfly gardening is indeed a colorful job. For creating a butterfly garden you need to plant some bright - colored flowers.

Though butterflies are attracted to the flowers for honey they take rest on flat flowers. While choosing butterfly garden plant pick up those plants that can provide fruits and flowers all through the year. Here are names of some flowers adequate for butterfly gardening.
The dragonflies rest on the bamboo poles that are standing inserted to the ground. Birds search on fallen leaves and ground cover for insects. Ground cover gives the shape of natural slope. You can also create artificial slope and create the opportunity for birds to hunt for food. You can plant Rosemary, Lantana, and creeping juniper for creating artificial slope. These bright colored flowering plants provide the food to the butterflies and also it becomes their hiding place from their enemies.