Rock garden designing can deck your hilly landscapes. Alpine gardening is difficult but planting alpine plants is profitable, for its low-maintenance.

Rock Garden Designing

There is useful information for people staying in a mountainous area or those who want to live in a rustic atmosphere. You can certainly bring out the inner beauty of these hard tough-looking rocks. It is possible by alpine gardening, which is nothing but designing garden with rocks. Rock gardens are very cooperative with their owners because the planting of alpine plants and also the maintenance of these rocky plants are very easy, So if you have decided for alpine garden designing then here are some guidelines for you.

Before you begin anything be sure that the rocks to be used are of same size and can be adjusted to your area when laid down. Otherwise the area will either be too empty or too crowded.

Steps to design rock garden.
List of plants

Here is a list of easy to manage alpine plants
Plant the alpine plants next to the stones so that it will remain short and make the rock visible and give you a mountainous vision. You can also sprinkle some color with foliage.