Here are some tips on butterfly gardening. Also you can know how to construct in your garden a birdbath.

Garden With Bird Bath

Haven't you always dreamt of waking up with sweet bird's chirping instead of an alarm clock? Stop imagining yourself waking up with sweet twittering of the beautiful bids in your garden now because you can actually make this dream of yours come true. Not only will this, as you open your window you may also get to see vibrant colorful butterflies fluttering all over your garden. You simply need to a little arrangement and effort for this. In case you are ready for it, it won't require much time in making your garden, a migratory shelter of exotic birds.

Steps For Attracting The Birds
In order to create this atmosphere, you first of all need to properly plan your gardens plantation scheme. Plant as many as colorful flowers in garden and then construct a beautiful birdbath for these exotic birds to come in your garden. Not only this will make your garden beautiful and morning sweet, this will also help you protect your garden from pests and insects. Here are the ways in which you can create a perfect wild life atmosphere in your garden.

Bird Bath And Bird House
There are several ways in which you can attract birds in your gardens. You can create a garden birdhouse, garden birdbath with water and dust birdbath. Here are few steps to adore your garden with this beautiful exotic little wildlife in your garden.

Garden Birdbath With Water
You can construct a beautiful birdbath in your garden with water. As soon as they will discover a water source on their way, they will not be able to resist their desire to stop there. Make sure the water source of your water should be in dripping manner because this will also give you a beautiful sight of bird's water adventures. However, during construction keep sure that the birdbath is near ground but way from a cat's reach otherwise this would become a dangerous place from those birds that land up here.

Dust Birdbath In Your Garden
Apart from water, birds prefer to have dust bath to keep themselves away from parasites and insects. For this, you can also construct a site of dust bath in your garden. This will not require much space as you can make it as small as 3 square feet. You simply need to birder a small area with decorative rocks and bricks and fill it with a mixture of sand, ash and loam. This will attract a lot of like sparrows and thrashers to your garden.

Garden Birdhouse
Apart from dust and water birdbath, one more attraction that you can arrange for birds in your garden is the Garden birdhouse. It will give the birds that land up in your garden for bath an open space for relaxing. You simply need to fill a net bag with strings in a way that it is safe for the birds. Birds like Orioles, robins, and chickadees prefer such nets a lot. You can also offer them food and protect them from starving in winter, for this you simply need to keeps some seeds, suet, and fruits in your artificial net.