Read the introductory story of Parma violets and also facts of Parma home garden. Parma gardening is a new concept but it is grabbing its popularity.


One Hundred Pounds a Year earned from zero investment. This brow-raising news was published appeared during the 20th century by a pamphlet in Gloucester shire by Blanche Lee Godfrey. Parma violets could have been luscious business opportunity for the less fortunate British. But none paid a heed to the predicament and within a few years Parma violets obliterated from the picture.

An Introduction to Parma violets
The Parma was invented by Isaac Oldacre, a gardener to Tsar Alexander I of Russia during the beginning of 19th century. Parma violets traveled worldwide from Italy to France and then to Britain. The French believe that Parma is a hybrid of Viola odorata and V. suavis. The viola odorata is quite similar to Parma violet having a sweet fragrance. The difference with Parma is its strong fragrance and it is not as double as Parma.

Utilities of Parma
Parma had an overpowering sweet smell, which can force a passerby to stop and admire, be curious of it, ask about it, know about it and then buy it. In addition of Parma being sold all over Europe as embellished bouquets during the late winter its aroma is also used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and eatables

Facts of Parma
Here we will be giving some facts on Parma home garden. In Parma violets the male and the female reproductive system is present but still it is unknown whether it is natural or man-created. Parma is a very soft plant and needs shelter form winter and summer. To be precise, it can't survive the heat.

Some gardening tips of Parma
If you are planning of Parma gardening here are some useful tips. The sowing and nurturing of Parma goes all over the year.
Investigations all over the world are going on for Parma violets and their cultivators who had withered from our sight during the crucial crux of time. Once the research is successful it will surely create an upheaval in the world of flower-wooer.