Read about fall perennial plants and flowers. Here you will get information about growing chrysanthemum flowers.

Growing Chrysanthemum Flowers

Chrysanthemums means 'golden flowers' , 'Chrys', which means golden and 'anthemon', which means flower combine together to give this name to Chrysanthemums. They were named so because of the golden color of its original flower. However, chrysanthemums are more commonly known as 'mums'. It is a genus of approximately 30 species of perennial flowering plants in the family Asteraceae, found in Asia and northeastern Europe. They are one of the most vivacious perennial flowers. They are found in several colors like white, pink, yellow, lavender, bronze, salmon, orange, or red. They also come in various shapes and designs. Petals of chrysanthemum flowers can be either single or in daisy form.

Types of Chrysanthemum Flowers
There chrysanthemums flowers are of several types. They are broadly categorized into nine categories as per their types and placements of disk and ray flowers. The nine categories of chrysanthemums as per this classification are Incurved, Reflexed, Intermediate, Late Flowering Anemones, Singles, Pompons, Sprays, Spiders/Spoons/Quills, Charms and Cascades. Chrysanthemums are regarded as the flowers of month November.

Tips on growing Chrysanthemum flowers