Dwarf plants or small outdoor plants save the space of your garden. These little plants in your small garden also give a picturesque look to it.

Dwarf Plants

If maintaining a garden has become quite hectic for you then we have a tip for you. Small outdoor plants will not only design your garden, but as they are naturally trimmed you don't have the trouble of pruning.

Dwarf plants generally spreads to a height and breadth of six to eight feet giving enough space to the gardener. It also provides a perfect shape to your garden without any hassles. You can plant little plants in your small garden in the gateway of your house or below the low-heightened windows. You can also use them for box plantings. Don't plant it to mark the boundary or plant them at distance, as they are small plants and can't be visible from distance.

These little plants are quite friendly to the shaded areas. They even grow easily under the direct sunlight. It grows well in pot or tubs and or as ground covers. As they are small in height they can make a good combination with other plant. If desired they can be planted singly.

Some of the famous little plants are dwarf junipers, pyracantha, nandina, pittosporum, gardenia, bamboo, barberry, sasanqua, crape myrtle, pomegranate, yucca and holly. Some dwarf plants like full shaded area. They are holly fern, fatsia, aucuba, dwarf azalea, mahonia, holly malpighia and vinca.

Others dwarf plants require adequate sunlight. They are junipers, hollies, barberry, pomegranate, crape myrtle, pyracantha, and dwarf natal plum. There are some dwarf plants that require partial sunlight and partial shade. Dwarf yaupon holly, many hollies, nandina, japanese black pine, japanese purple honeysuckle, Indian hawthorne, boxwood, pittosporum, coontie and dwarf sasanqua falls under this category.

Dwarfs that are suitable for pots or tubs are holly fern, fatsia, dwarf yaupon, dwarf nandina, aucuba, japanese black pine, dwarf yucca, and dwarf bamboo. These dwarf plants are tough enough to survive in the chill weather.

Some dwarf plants blooms with seasonal flowers like dwarf azalea, cuphea, dwarf sasanqua, dwarf gardenia, dwarf crape myrtle, pomegranate, lantana, japanese purple honeysuckle and Indian hawthorne. While others are reserved for fruits like dwarf hollies, mahonia, and pyracantha. Those who don't bloom with flowers or grow fresh fruits provide green leaves like aucuba, senecio, dwarf nandina, and some of the dwarf junipers.