Here is some information about trellis structure, which is a very important planting tip for the home gardeners

Trellis structure

Again we have come with another innovative planting tip which is very important for every home gardeners who always strives for a healthy blooming fruitful garden.

Steps before positioning the trellis
There are different designs of trellis that can be ideal for your home garden. But selecting the ideal type of trellis depends on what type of plants will be climbing on it. While choosing the right design of trellis for your garden it is a better option to choose a strong trellis, which is also beautiful enough to embellish your garden. Trellises can be metallic wooden or of plastic like PVC pipe. Metallic posts are better than the wooden ones as they last long and doesn't get damaged easily. If you insist on wooden post it is better to layer it with a preservative. On top of the posts you can spread plastic or string net or chicken wire net. But chicken wire net has a disadvantage. Removing dead plants form chicken wire net can be a troublesome job. Long Bamboo poles can be used to climb pole beans

Some information on trellis structure
Advantages and disadvantages of the trellis structure
Growing plants on trellises are not without disadvantages.