Rock gardening in containers can solve your space problem. So construct an indoor alpine garden. You can grow alpine plants in container.

Alpine Plants In Container

If there is a scarcity of space then you can simply bring your garden to your room. It will of course fancy your pastime. And the best option among houseplants is the alpine plants. You must be surprised that how a rock garden can be made in room but growing an indoor alpine garden is very easy. They grow slowly and so it is best to be grown in a living room in containers like troughs or sinks.

Here are the names of some common alpine plants that can be grown in containers. It will give a colorful green picture to your room.
There are also some other flowers like Ajuga reptans 'Braunherz, Violas, Saxifraga 'Silver Cushion', Sedum 'Cape Blanco' which will help you to do rock gardening in containers.

Some decorative ideas
Step for growing alpine plants in containers